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Peter Wachira

Founder, A Remote Youth Venture

Growing up in Kenya, one of the biggest challenges we faced as children was lack of access to clean water. To address this our company developed a solution that purifies water using clay pots. I believe that if we were to win investment in our business, we could potentially enrich and save thousands of lives. Kenya, For profit (U).

Farai Nechikwira

Founder, Fnechz Aeronautica and Space Agency (F.A.S.A)

African people have incredible talent and potential. I need investment so that we can pioneer the first black-led aerospace company. The jobs and products we create will benefit the Zimbabwean population and economy immensely, creating a true African aerospace renaissance. Zimbabwe, For profit (U).

Ivy Barley

CEO and co-founder, Developers in Vogue

I believe in Developers in Vogue, where we train females in the latest technologies and connect them to real time projects and jobs. Underrepresentation of African women in tech is not only sad, it’s alarming! The future of technology is female – and it has arrived! Ghana, Not-for-profit (R).

Blessing Machiya

Founder and director, Shumbakadzi Investments Pvt Ltd.

We package dried fruits, nuts and vegetables as a healthy indigenous alternative to tinned and processed food with harmful artificial additives. Through our products, I believe we can make this world a healthier place for our children, one meal at a time! Zimbabwe, For profit (R).

Ezinne Uko

Founder and CEO, Contrail Stores, Ltd.

At Contrail Stores, we created the iMonitorapp – a dynamic tech solution that uses a mobile device to provide an easy inventory, sales, business performance analysis, customer and business management solution. Let our business manage your business! Nigeria, For profit(R).

Pascal Akahome

Founder and director, ART Improved Access Network

In Nigeria, up to 23% of HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy are lost to follow up every year. At ART Improved Access Network, with our effective patient follow up system (the first of its kind in Nigeria) we will increase adherence to ARV’s and reduce the number of patients lost. Investment will help us save and improve lives. Nigeria, Not-for-profit (U).

Olalekan Bankole Emmanuel

Founder and CEO Agromarketplace, Nigeria, Ltd.

Like many Africans, I grew up with limited access to nutritious food. This caused many health problems in my development, and inspired me to launch – as an easy-to-use e-commerce platform where customers can conveniently purchase fresh, healthy farm produce. Nigeria, For profit (R).

Shola Peter

Founder, Chipmedic

Diabetes is a silent killer and challenging to monitor effectively. This is why I developed the idea of Glucoman – an innovative glucose-monitoring device that is worn around your wrist. It provides minute-by-minute life-saving data, solving the problem of painful traditional monitoring methods. Nigeria, For profit (U).

Veridique Musambaghani Kakule

Co-founder, Action of the Future

Children are our future, but a hungry child has no future. There are 2 million undernourished children in the DRC, a heart-breaking statistic. At Action of the Future, our aim is tackle this problem by providing nutritional education to parents and life-changing, nutritional food to the malnourished children of the North Kivu Province. Democratic Republic of Congo, Not-for-profit (R).

Uwitonze Sarah

CEO, Agakiriro, Ltd.

The face of the Rwandan marketplace is about to change. Gone are the hours walking under the hot sun looking to buy, or waiting around for hours hoping to sell. Welcome to the future: Agakiriro – a mobile e-commerce app where interested buyers and sellers can find each other without the hassle. Rwanda, For profit (U).

Dumisani Mahlangu

Founder and Managing Director, Supreme Electrical & Cabling Solutions, Pty, Ltd.

Supreme Electrical is a fully-fledged electrical contracting business. We service our clients’needs timeously and offer the first hour free, aiming to repair rather than replace. Winning#GoGettaz will help take the business to the next level, and allow us to open a trade school for talented youngsters. South Africa, For profit (R).

Abisola Akindeinde

Co-founder and CEO,

Creativity is the spark that keeps society inspired. But many artists struggle to find a market and make a living, killing their passion. Zeldot is an innovative e-commerce platform where talented artists and craftspersons can buy art and craft supplies, advertise and sell their work without the hassle of the markets. Nigeria, For profit (R).